Equip Kictchen Scales White

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RRP: $94.95




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Fancy a spot of baking? With my slim good looks and high precision functionality, I’m equipped to weigh just about anything – from one gram to five kilograms, from ounces to pounds to grams (to be precise). I’m also easy to use and clean and designed to match the most stylish kitchens. On a scale of 1-10, I reckon I’m a 10!


  • Tempered glass surface
  • Slimline Design
  • Easy to read LCD screen
  • Tare Zero Function

Use & Care

So I can keep measuring up to your standards, it’s a good idea to read these safety and cleaning instructions before using me. And why not keep them somewhere handy? If you look after me … I’ll look after you!

To be precise, I’m a precision instrument. Don’t pull me apart and avoid strong shakes and shocks. And please supervise me around children or anyone who doesn’t know how to use me properly.

  • Don’t put me near the edge of a bench or table or on a sink draining board – I may not work if I drop on the floor! Make sure the surface is flat, clean and free of liquid and anything else that might upset me.
  • It’s best to put your ingredients in the centre of my weighing platform so they don’t spill.
  • Please keep my stylish good looks clean. If something is spilt on me, clean it up straight away – I’ll work much better.
  • Heat and I don’t get on – please don’t put me in direct sunlight, or on or near a hot surface. Ouch!
  • I’m designed for household kitchen use, so don’t use me to weigh anything heavier than 5.1kg (XX ounces) as I won’t work! And please don’t put anything on top of me when you’re storing me.